What to wear to work video calls

20th Apr 2020

What to wear for work video meetings

We’ve given up the daily commute to work, our pets are now our co-workers and we can eat whatever & whenever we want, at our desks during the day… welcome to the new world of working from home! Team meetings, checking in with your boss, virtual Friday drinks and catch up’s with your office mates, all via video conferencing, are now our new daily social routines.

So it’s worthwhile making sure you’re dressed appropriately and situated in the right working from home environment, to make the most of these opportunities to connect.

So how exactly do you “dress for the job you want” when it’s so easy & tempting to stay in your pyjama’s all day? Read on for the new work video meeting style rules with Superdry

Here is your style guide for the new age of video;

Sorry, pyjama’s don’t count – I know, I know, we’ve all heard this before, but it’s for a very good reason! Sleepwear during the day is a very bad idea for you & your mindset… plus your boss, your work colleagues and anyone you may have to see…this also extends to your partner, housemates, Uber eats delivery guy and the postman – who will all seriously begin to wonder if you have given up on life.

Do wear comfortable & well-fitting clothes - which translates as not too restrictive and too baggy. A button down shirt (Like this striped one), Henley or classic tee looks smart yet relaxed and won’t have your boss worried about your commitment to your career during video calls.

Don’t get caught in a style rut - mix it up and wear different styles. This is also the perfect time to try out something different in the safety of your own home! For women especially, make use of comfortable dresses, wide leg pants & snuggly knitwear, giving the corporate style fitted dresses & pencil skirts (and high heels) a rest. You can always pull these out when you return to the office!

clothes for work video calls

I love this Superdry tee & cami dress – the material is stretchy and the playful combo looks like you’ve put some thought into your daily style. For men, this is your hall pass to wear those shorts, casual slacks, cargo pants or the denim pieces you love, which you’re not allowed to wear during the usual Monday – Friday grind.

What to wear for work video calls

Do pay attention to fabric composition – cotton is always one of the most wearable fabrics – it’s a natural fibre which means it’s breathable and feels comfy to wear all day. This classic white tee from Superdry is perfect – not only does it feel super soft against the skin, it also looks ultra smart & put together and works well with any pair of pants or skirt.

Superdry White Womens Tee

Do invest in clothes that you are going to want to actually wear in the future – whilst “loungewear” is one fashion niche which will experience a boon over the next few months, don’t go overboard! Remember that to make the most out of any style purchases, you need to be smart by investing in pieces you actually love, which can be worn for seasons to come. These wide leg Frankie jeans are the perfect option as they hit the mark for comfort and will be a style staple you’ll reach for time & time again.

Prepare your working from home environment

Once you’ve got your WFH style sorted, some thought needs to be given to your new office. Ideally you need a desk & comfortable chair in a quiet environment, so identify high traffic areas of your home and avoid those spaces. A room which is well ventilated with natural lighting is always beneficial for your health and overall productivity.

Also consider your equipment – working for 8 hours a day on a laptop will not be sustainable. You’ll probably need a monitor (or two), mouse, keyboard, paper & pens and definitely a headset. Make sure your partner, family or housemates know when you’re due to be in meetings so you aren’t interrupted unless absolutely necessary. And make sure you keep taking your regular morning, lunch and afternoon breaks, to maintain a routine and calm.

How to do video calls the right way

Lights, camera, action! Just like your Instagram photos & tik tok clips, it’s the same with work video calls – lighting matters. Test out which area of your new office has the most natural light as this will make a difference to how you look during those meeting calls. If you don’t have a large window or natural light source nearby, you can always try placing a lamp behind your computer camera.

Background is key – whether you are working in a study, bedroom, loungeroom or even the kitchen, your co-workers will be checking out your space! This is where sitting against a wall or a simply decorated area will not detract attention away from what you are saying to that pile of laundry or empty pizza boxes behind you!

Angles aren’t just for photography – they matter during video calls too! No one wants to be looking up your nose or noticing you had way too much red wine last night from the bags under your eyes! Make sure the camera is at eye level and not close or far away. People should at least be able to see the top half of what you’re wearing.

Stick to the above tips and you’ll not only look better, you’ll also feel better. Setting up a quiet space and making sure your video technique is up to par will supercharge your confidence and productivity. Whilst WFH style is more relaxed than the 9-5 dress code, it’s important to remember that you’re still on the job and there is a level of professionalism that you will be expected to maintain…And when it comes to producing quality on-trend pieces which are smart yet relaxed, and will be items you reach for many seasons to come, Superdry has you covered!