Focus on: Sustainability

We know that fashion makes a statement. Let’s make that statement a force for good. Join us in leaving a better legacy that's better for the environment.



Organic Cotton

We’re switching to organic cotton because it preserves the soil, uses less water, and reduces carbon emissions. Kinder to both people and the planet – no pesticides are used during cultivation – by 2025, all of our pure cotton clothing will be organic, in-conversion or recycled cotton.


Net Zero

We want to help limit the global temperature rise. So, we’re making several changes to how our products are made. We're switching to lower impact and recycled materials which have a lower carbon footprint - kilo for kilo - when compared to conventional alternatives. We’re also adapting how we move them and where we sell them.



We aspire to help create a circular fashion industry by giving our garments a second lease on life. Working with Oxfam, our UK in-store customers have the option to donate their clothing for resale and help fund great causes. This season, we're focusing on denim: timeless, durable, and versatile – it's easy to upcycle and great for resale. We will continue to push our circularity even further with our cut waste initiatives.


Sustainably Sourced

You will only see our 'Sustainably Sourced' claim where a lower impact material makes up over 50% of a garment's content or 100% of a jacket's padding. Over the last year, 62% of the garments we designed and produced contained organic, lower impact or recycled materials. We are on track to meet our 65% target by 2025 and 96% by 2030. Find out more about our journey and how we make our sustainably sourced claims here.