Recycled Puffer Jackets


We at Superdry pride ourselves on being innovative thinkers and proactive doers. We recognise that the current state of our planet needs immediate attention and action. That is why we have created #GrowFutureThinking. This is not just a hashtag, it is the promise of a new future. Our aim is to become the most sustainable listed global fashion brand on the planet by 2030.

Why 2030?

We have accelerated our deadline to 2030 to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) deadline. In meeting this deadline and tracking our progress based on the key SDGs, our actions

What Are the Primary Brand Goals?

It’s one thing to market yourself as sustainable, but another to commit to it. We have set four key criteria to ensure we are actively and continuously working towards our sustainable future.

Organic and Sustainable - By 2030, all our cotton will be 100% organic. We also aim to use recycled and low impact materials at scale across our whole range.

Net Zero - Our carbon emissions across our own sites and logistical operations will be net zero by 2030. Our personal aim is to challenge and encourage partners to follow suit and minimise the combined environmental footprint.

Zero Waste/Lower Impact - We will make informed and environmentally conscious decisions to lower our waste and impact. This includes only using packaging when necessary and ensuring it is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Respect and Dignity - We partner with market leading suppliers to produce our products in automated and sustainable factories, where people are treated with respect and dignity.

By committing to these points, our focus will continue to be producing the most sustainable products possible. We commit to doing this in a way which protects our planet and supports all people involved. By leaving a positive environmental legacy, Superdry hopes to encourage other brands to follow in our footsteps moving forward.

Recycled Puffer Jackets

What Does Net Zero Mean for Superdry?

Research suggests that the fashion industry contributes approximately 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. As a part of the fashion industry, we at Superdry understand and acknowledge the part we play in these emissions. That is why we have committed to the previously mentioned Net Zero carbon emissions goal. By 2030, we aim to operate with a net zero carbon impact across our entire global operation. We have set three clear actions to achieve net zero by 2030.

REDUCE what we use

CONVERT what we use into renewable and sustainable alternatives

OFFSET any remaining emissions through meaningful mechanisms

What Have We Done for Waste Reduction Already?

Superdry has proudly partnered with ELSE to reduce waste production in our factories. Our factories can now collect, sort and sell our waste. Waste is then turned into recycled yarn which becomes new fabrics. While the common practice is to dump waste into landfills or to incinerate it, our process converts waste into new and eco-conscious materials. This is both an exciting and important time for us and the planet. With your support, we know #GrowFutureThinking can create a real difference in the industry. A selection of our consciously created products is already available both in-store and online. These include puffer jackets with recycled polyester and organic cotton T shirts.

Recycled Puffer Jackets

We thank you for helping us prove that style doesn’t have to cost the planet.

Be sure to use #GrowFutureThinking to help spread our message.

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